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Why our Porn Compilations of Gay is better then others?

From all the tubes and tumblrs around, achieved what others cant even more veiwed then some porn Reddit fake forum posts for hookups that arent real. The answer is in short is because, we have done the hard, tidious selections for you. Meanwhile categorizing every porn selfies all so we can showcase them on our site. Get these gay leaked porn private selfie photos homemade today. It is clear to us that the owners, who take these shots where planning to send it to someone else but they ended up on public networks feeds and social media. Being us we watch them like a hawk and download them right away so so we can show you these guys and their gay asses for a good jerk off session. So dont forget our gays porn selfies delivered everyday! Follow us for daily real porn gay pics on!

How To Become A Gay Porn Star?

Visit one of the many major adult website out there that have gay videos you like, they usually have a contact page or at least an email address for models to apply to them. They usually ask for full body photos sometimes with face or not before they schedule a meeting.

What Is Gay Porn?

Gay pornography showcases pleasure of sexual activity between males. The whole point of this gay sex act on film is to make the audience horny and get them to orgasm with self pleasuring masturbation.

How Much Do Gay Porn Stars Make?

Some big named gay models make up to $5000 per video. However on the other hand most performers get paid anything between $300-$1000 per scene. Being lucky having 6 scenes shootings in a month which makes you $3000 a month and $36K a year.

How Much Does Gay Porn Pay?

Most guys get paid 600$ the average pay is about 500$ per scene. If you make it big in the industry you could be earning about 3000$.

Why Do I Like Gay Sex Porn Videos?

Straight men look at gay porn to compare what other male bodies cause attraction to other people. According to a major Tube site from billions of visitors a month as seen in this info graph. Over 23 percent of straight men indulge viewing homosexual porn and a whopping 40 percent is female audience who are identified as straight women.
Why Do I Like Gay Sex Porn Videos? Chart

Straight Guys Who Do Gay Porn

Are heterosexual males allowed to do gay porn? The answer is YES! Many of these guys have families wife’s, girlfriends but need to support they living expenses somehow. Lots of them have tickets and court fees to pay so they end up doing gay scenes for some quick cash.

Why Do Lesbians Love Gay Porn?

Most straight porn movies and even lesbian videos are made for the gaze of male audience. And this is why many women including lesbians watch gay porn. Because in most films the actress does not enjoy what they doing or looks fake, while in a gay video they are all into it and actually having fun.

What Gay Porn Should I Watch?

The first question is what type of regular porn you watch. If its amatuer or professionally studio shot and even perhaps some sort of story line to it. If you are curious and or new just looking you start out look at dicks and not so much the male body and faces. Attracted to male body parts and naked skin in general be that women or men, then perhaps take a look at some gay selfies of fully undressed good looking dudes. Did you like to jerk off together with your friends then perhaps some jerking and frotting material is what you want to take a look at. Now if you are convinced and are attracted to the male body and man mainly and don’t care about female then some Hardcore gay videos might get your blood boiling watching men take it up the ass.

What Is The Thing People Snort In Gay Porn Movies?

It is called poppers or Amyl Nitrite, it’s sold legally yet also illegal for Amyl sniffing these substances relaxes muscles in the human body and gays use it for easier and smoother anal penetration. While others reported having better erection from it that is unconfirmed however.

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